A Proven Process to Grow Corrugated Sales

Use our structured, front-end approach to grow your corrugated sales and increase revenue from the right customers.

Whether you’re producing custom product packaging, point-of-purchase displays, graphic retail packaging, corrugated brown boxes, subscription boxes, or any other type of packaging, you know that sales today are harder than ever. Our approach combines the best of inbound and outbound marketing with a structured front-end sales process to help you grow revenue quickly.

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How Our Model Helps You Achieve Your Revenue Growth Goals

Focusing on the front end of the sales cycle, our holistic inbound and outbound approach helps corrugated manufacturing companies with complex selling environments increase revenue. We achieve this across three key areas.

folding carton sales people


We offer sales and marketing professionals to guide your program, assist with technology, and report on overall progress.

folding carton sales process


Our lead generation process is consistent and repeatable, allowing us to increase qualified leads and move them to conversion.

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We use CRM, marketing automation, web tracking, and list development solutions to gather data and provide accurate reporting.

Your Corrugated Sales Program is ROI-Driven from Day One

Prior to launching your corrugated sales program, we’ll combine your current sales conversion rates throughout your sales cycle with anticipated opportunity values — creating an estimated ROI over a 12-month period. This is tracked closely and reported on a quarterly basis, allowing us to make adjustments and pivot as needed.

Our corrugated sales program also delivers key benefits for your sales team:

A More Compressed Sales Cycle

Your team is able to spend more time closing truly qualified deals because we take care of the front-end targeting, outreach, and nurturing efforts.

Improved Sales Rep Productivity

Your sales reps need to prioritize their time on high-value tasks. Our efforts eliminate work that distracts them from doing what they do best.

Improved Sales Rep Accountability

We work closely with your team from the start, making the process more efficient and successful while supporting reps as they work toward closing.

Our Corrugated Sales Strategies Work Wonders for Our Clients

Custom Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

Goal: Expand organic growth while breaking into new markets.


  • $1M+ in new account annual spend
  • $2.5M annual spend in pipeline
  • Produced 7 accounts in 8 months
  • Hit goals despite the pandemic

Custom Folding Carton Manufacturer

Goal: Launch a repeatable process for generating new accounts in active sale


  • Closed a $150K account in 6 months
  • Compressed sales cycle by 40%
  • Generated 40 multi-million-dollar opportunities in 6 months

“From a sales resources standpoint, we now have a team of people working for us on a regular basis. Athena brings value in that sense on all fronts. They helped us fill gaps that would have required a lot more hires internally.”

— VP of Business Development

Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

folding carton sales approach

Meet Athena — Your Team for Structured, Consistent Growth

Athena SWC works with companies nationwide to implement corrugated packaging sales and marketing strategies that produce consistent, reliable growth. We are passionate about results-driven programs that enable our clients to test new strategies and markets, strengthen their existing sales teams, and ultimately achieve their goals.